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We offer a wide range of Linguistics programmes on campus such as MA Linguistics, Ph.D. and Linguistics and Diploma in Russian Language.. Linguistics at Berhampur University since 1983 focuses on study of language and its use in society. Each of the world’s 6000 languages is a scientifically structured and valued system with its own sounds, its own grammar, its own identity and style. Language is one of the most valuable and characteristic assets of human beings and linguistics studies complex social and psychological behaviours and interactions. We use language to think with, to share our feelings and emotions, to collect information, to plan our activities, to make computers work for us, to gossip and ultimately to structure our societies. As a linguist, you will learn to make connections between theoretical, descriptive and applied issues in human communication. You will be able to investigate some of the following questions that you have been pondering about since long.

  • How do people learn to speak?
  • How many different sounds can be made with our vocal tract?
  • What happens inside our brain before we generate sentences?
  • Can computer read, write and translate human languages?
  • Can we help a Dyslexic child or an Aphasia patient regain language?
  • Why and how languages change?
  • How one language is different from another?

In Linguistics, you will learn how to investigate such questions. You will become an expert on language and communication. You will be able analyze any language of the world. You will be able to document and preserve the endangered languages before they become extinct and will give valuable contribution to the mankind.

Our MA and Ph.D. degree can lead to careers in Speech Pathology, Audiology, Computational Linguistics, Neuro-Linguistics, Language Documentation, Language Policy Planning, Language teaching, Publishing, Journalism, Adult and Child Literacy to name a few.

One year Diploma Course in Russian Language (DRL)

If you are a graduate and want to take your career to a new height, here is an opportunity to learn a foreign language. We have been providing the One year Post graduate Diploma course in Russian language since 1997 and are one of its kinds in Odisha. Learning Russian language will develop your skills in Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing in Russian. You will be also exposed to Russian life and culture. Successful completion of the course will enhance your employability in various corporate sectors. You will also find careers in Hospitality sector, Journalism, Tourism, Translation and Interpretation.

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