Seminar Library

The department maintains two separate libraries. One is contributed by students through seminar consisting of five hundred text books and the other supported by the University.


The department is having a computer laboratory with internet facility for the benefit of students and faculty members. The research scholars and faculties members make use of this facility to survey literature for the research through http://www.ugcinfonet.in.


Besides two general laboratories there are four special paper laboratories viz., Algology, Physiology and biochemistry, Environmental Toxicology, Molecular Biology and Genomics, Microbiolgy, Ecology, Floristics and Ethnobotany.

Student Project Work

It is mandatory in the part of the student to do project work and submit the report in the 4th Semester as envisaged in the prescribed course of studies of M. Sc.

Study Tour

Yearly at least one study tour is arranged with support of the University. In the study tour programme the student are guided by the faculty members are required to survey the flora of the adjourning region to collect specimen and prepare a report. This has been a part of M. Sc. curriculum.

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