Vice-Chancellor's Message

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Greetings from Berhampur University

It's my privilege to connect with you through this message board. As you are very much aware, we are going through the COVID19 pandemic which has made significant impacts in our day to day lifestyle, community living, health, education, economics, business, governance etc. But nothing is permanent and to rise and find newer ways to any kind of challenging situation differentiates the positive outlook persons from the negatives. Let us face and overcome the pandemic by following all health and related guidelines as advised by the Government and by medical and other frontline workers without leaving any weak link. The 'new normal' way of life is the essence and must be followed to move on with life, at least for some more time. Education in these difficult times has made significant paradigm shifts and the various innovative learning processes are connecting us through online and web based education. Of course, in the absence of proper internet/mobile connections and availability of proper gadgets, especially in remote areas along with financial constraints is making a perceptible digital divide in education, and learning process. Let us remember that, it's only a temporary phase and the university and college atmosphere as per our liking should shall be back again soon. In the meantime, please study, prepare and write your examinations well and come out with success and flying colours.

We look forward to welcome all continuing students (PG and PhD) and the new batch of students to the campus for your studies and related activities. On behalf of the University, I wish all our final graduating students (PG, PhD, Post-Doc) a very special farewell with tons of love, affection and wishes for a successful life ahead. I also appeal to our alumni to keep the university in their hearts and minds and reconnect with this 'parent'. We are a family and hence, no such thing as a good bye, yes definitely 'see you soon' and best of luck in all your future endeavours.


Vice Chancellor