About Library

1. About the Library

The Central Library named as R.P. Padhi Library, was established in the year 1968 to meet the growing needs of the students, teachers, and research scholars. R.P. Padhi Library plays a vital role for disseminating different types of information resources and services to support the academic and research need of the user community. Library is functioning in two four storied building having four main sections. Currently, R.P. Padhi Library is having over 1,48,959 volumes of books and other resources like popular Magazines, Print Journals, Theses and Reports in Science & Technology, Management, Humanities and Social Sciences. Besides these users of R.P. Padhi Library is accessing e-books, e-journals and other electronic reading materials through EBSCO and Science Direct Database.

2. Vision

The R. P. Padhi Library aims to build the Library of tomorrow a model University Research Library of the 21st Century that will not only fill up the gap in terms of collection development and physical ambience but make information readily available to large segment of user's community.

3. Mission

  • To deliver quality, user-oriented services responsive to the changing information needs of our diverse community;
  • To enrich the university's teaching, learning and research activities through the strategic management of scholarly information;
  • To promote University education as preparedness for lifelong learning by developing in students independent learning and information literacy skills;
  • To provide the staff with the infrastructure & training that will support them in their work and foster pride in their achievements as members of a successful innovative team.

4.Resources at a Glance





Text Reference Books



Back Volume Journals



Ph.D Thesis



M.Phil Thesis






Census Report



Statistical Hand Book



P. G. Dissertation



News Paper



Current Magazines





Library Rules

1. Working hours of the Library

Opening Hour

Monday to Friday

8.00 AM 8.00 PM


10.30 AM 5.30 PM

Circulation Timings

Monday to Saturday

10.45 AM

Note: Library closed on Sunday and all public holidays

2. Users of the Library

Students, research scholars, teaching and non-teaching staff members of the University and such other members coming under Rule 2 of Library Rule.

3. Conduct of the Library Users

  • Readers desirous of using the Library should enter their names and addresses legibly in the register kept for the purpose and the signature so recorded will be treated as their acknowledgement to abide by the rules of the Library.
  • Readers should not write or make any mark on or damage any book, manuscript or misuse the properties, belongings of the library.
  • No tracing or mechanical reproduction is allowed without the permission of the Librarian.
  • Silence should be strictly observed in the Library.
  • Before leaving the library readers should return to the Library Assistant at the counter any books, journals, manuscripts, maps and other materials used or consulted by them.
  • Readers are responsible for any damage or injury done to the books/journals or other properties belonging to the Library and should compensate the loss caused by them as determined by the Librarian. If a book of a set is damaged or lost, the whole set shall have to be replaced.
  • Sticks, umbrellas, boxes and other articles prohibited by the staff should be deposited in the property counter.
  • Spitting, smoking and shouting are strictly prohibited.

4.Persons entitled to take out printed books on loan enrolling themselves as members

Teacher, employee, student and research scholar of Berhampur University

5. Entailment of borrowing limit

All University students and research scholars of the University are allowed to borrow six books each at a time. Teachers are allowed to borrow 25 books. The other category of members can borrow books as per the rule (a) to (J) of Rule - 6 of the Library in force.

6. Books not to be lent out

Periodicals, back copies of journals, dictionaries, rare books, thesis, and dissertations other reference and highly illustrated works, works which might be difficult to replace and such other works as may from time to time be considered necessary will not be lent out to any member.

7. Return of Books

All books on Loan must be returned at the expiry of time given on the date of issue.

8. Renewal of borrowing books

Loan of a book may be renewed for a further period of two more terms provided that no other reader has applied for the book in the meantime. For renewal of any book the member shall physically produce the book at the charging counter. The Librarian shall have the discretionary power to recall a book at any time from any member before the expiry of the due date.

9. Overdue charges

  • Ordinarily no one shall be exempted from payment of overdue charges.
  • The Librarian with due approval from the competent authority shall have the power to allow any exemption of overdue charges in case of officers, teachers and members of the authorities of the University and also extend the due date period in case of other categories of borrowers for good and sufficient reasons to be recorded in writing.
  • A fine of rupees per day per book will be collected as overdue charges.
  • A member against whom any overdue or other charges are outstanding shall not be allowed to borrow books or withdraw his deposit until he has paid the amount due.

10.Penalty for loss of books and tickets

Before taking a book out of the Library, a member must satisfy himself as to whether the book lent to him is in good condition or not and if not be must immediately bring the matter to the notice of the Librarian otherwise he is liable to be held responsible for the damaged state of the book. If a book of a set is damaged or lost the whole set may have to be replaced or the value as assessed by the Librarian be immediately paid to the Library or the book or set in question be actually replaced by the borrower. In case a book is lost, triple the cost will be realized from the borrower. In case a ticket is lost, Rs. 10/- per ticket is levied for issue of each duplicate ticket.

11. Forfeiture of the privileges

Any infringement of the rule will lead to the seizure of the privileges of admission of use and of borrowing of books from the Library in case of all members.


  • An amount of Rs.500/- per person will be collected from the VIP members and retired faculties of the university.
  • Rs. 500/- per person will be collected from the Research Scholars towards the membership fees.