Section and Services

Library Sections

Existing Library Building

Ground Floor

1. Acquisition Section

This section deals with the procurement of reading materials and allotment of accession no. to the library documents.

2. Technical Processing Section

Technical Section is mainly responsible for classifying and cataloguing of the reading materials. The belongings of the library are fully processed using the popular technical tools like 18th edition of DDC and OCLC for classification and AACR - II for cataloguing. The centrally exhibited library catalogue is arranged alphabetically under three sections such as author, title and subject for tracing each book by the library users.

3. Circulation Section

Circulation section is situated at the Ground Floor, providesdocument to the users of the library on loan. This section acts as a bridge between users and books. The reading materials are arranged by classification system, such asDewey Decimal Classification (DDC) system in the stacks.

First Floor

4. Reference Section-I

The Section is occupied with Current Journals, Back Volume of Journals,Reports, Statistical Handbooks, Census Reports, Maps, Globe, Reference Books(Encyclopedias, Dictionary, Year Book etc.) and Ph.D. Theses with reading Room and E-Content access center.

5. Reprographic Section

Photocopying service is provided to users on payment basis for reading materials.

New Extension Library Building

Ground Floor

6. Talking Library for Visually Challenged

A state of the art facility for visually impaired / differently abled students, scholars and faculty is located at the ground floor of the New Extension Library Building. The computing facility with assistive technologies enabled them with their learning and research purposes.

7.Open Reading room-cum-Newspaper and Magazine Section

The members of the Library as well as other authorized Library users can make use of thereading room with their own reading material/s and personal book/s allowed in the Library.

8. Property Counter

Property counter is situated in main entry part of both Library building. All the members should deposit their personal belongingsi.e. books, photocopy material, files, registers, bags, umbrella, water bottles, laptop bag etc.before entering into the library.

First Floor

9. Server Room

The server room of library has been situated in first floor of building.

Second Floor and Third Floor

10. Text Book-cum-Reading room Section

The textbook-cum-reading room section is functioning in the 2nd floor and 3rd floor of the newextension Library Building. The books are arranged as per Dewey Decimal Classification Scheme. The books from DDC no 000-500 have placed in Second Floor and from 600-900 in the Third floor of the Building.The reading materials available in the above two floors are used for reference purpose only.

Services & Facilities

1. Talking Library

The R. P. Padhi Library provides this facility for the visually impaired students of the Berhampur University, aim to empower and encourage visually-challenged students to pursue education.

2. Research Support Service

This facility provides Research Support Service (RSS) for strengthening the research activities by attending user queries related to various research guide tools like; Use of Electronic Resources, Grammar and Spelling Check (Grammarly), Reference Style Guide (Mendeley, Zotero etc.), Author Identification/ORCID, Citation Analysis (Scopus, WoS etc.) and Check Plagiarism (Ouriginal&Turnitin), etc. Find more please contact us at[[email protected]]

3. OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue) Service

The OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue) which allow users to browse Bibliography records of the library.

4. User Orientation / Information Literacy Service

Library offer an orientation programme in order to enable users of the library for better use of resources and services, facilities etc. on regular time interval. Library also offer information literacy programme for the users from time to time for the effective use of information.

5. Reference Service

Library holds all important reference sources like Encyclopedias, Dictionaries, Handbooks and Manuals, Statistics, Yearbooks. The collection ranges from general to subject specific sources. All the reference sources are housed in the Reference section. Users can also contact staff on duty for any assistance.

6. Document Delivery Service

The documents which are not available in our library may be arranged to thebonafide members of the library after a due request by the user. At present this service is provided through e-mail [[email protected]] to the users.

7.Reprographic Service

Central Library provides photocopy facility through an external agency, which is available at Ground Floor in the Library. A user can get the Xerox of desired documents on payment basis.