Consultancy And Projects


Different Post Graduage Departments carried out various projects from funding agencies.

The following research projects are in progress in different P.G. Department under the financial assistance of different schemes during 2018.

  1. Department of Marine Sciences: Gopalpur Port consultancy Project entitled "Environmental Monitoring of Gopalpur Port" by Professor P.K.Mohanty.
  2. Department of Zoology: The Department of Bio-Technology has sanctioned "Bioinformatics Infrastructure facilities Centre to the Department of Zoology". Dr. Gitanjali Mishra is the Coordinator of the Centre.
  3. Department of Zoology: D.B.T Project entitled "Studies on Commercially important fish of Gopalpur Coast, Odisha in the Bay of Bengal and Development of Database using Bar code technique" by Dr. T.K.Barik.
  4. Department Electronic Science: DRDO Project entitled"Development of High Speed RCS Computation Scheme" by Dr. D.C.Panda.
  5. Department of Electronic Science: D.S.T Govt, of Odisha Project entitled "Physical Modelling of Turi using digital web guide Technique " by Dr. R.K.Mishra.
  6. Department of Botany: D.S.T, Govt. of Odisha sponsored project entitled " Marine Algal Diversity of Odisha Coast and its Potential for production of Vitamin B12" by Dr. Mrutyunjaya Jena.
  7. Department of Chemistry: D.S.T (SERB) Project entitled "DOS Approach for Sesquitertene anti malaria drugs" by Dr. L.D.Rout.
  8. Department of Linguistics: UGC Sponsored Scheme entitled "To Study and Research in Indigenous and Endangered Languages in India "during XII Plan period by Dr. Mrs. Smita Sinha.
  9. Department of Botany: MoEF&CC(Ministry of Env., Forest & Climate Change) Project entitled "Marine Algal Diversity of East Coast Region of India with Special reference to Molecular Phylogeny of some Green Phytoplankton" by Dr. M.Jena, Dept. of Botany.
  10. Department of Marine Science: MoES Project of Prof. P.K.Mohanty entitled "Prediction of coastal water quality" by Dr. P.K.Mohanty.
  11. Department of Chemistry: S& T Project entitled "Diversified Chiral Hemicotarnines for Future Cancer Drug" by Dr. L.D.Rout.
  12. Department of Chemistry: SERB (Science and Engineering Research Board) under Teachers Associateship for Research Excellence (TARE) has sanctioned financial assistance to undertake project entitled "Synthesis of some carbohydrate functionalized thiourea and thiazolidinones and their applications as analytical reagents for estimation of toxic metals and fluoride ions in industrial effluent water" by Dr. S.N.Sahoo..


Sl. No. Name of the Consultant(s) department Name of Consultancy project Consulting/Sponsoring Agency Revenue generated (amount in rupees)
1 Research Prof. P.K. Mohanty Prediction of coastal water quality under coastal research scheme National Centre for Coastal Research, MoES 113.0 lakh
2 Consultancy Prof. P.K. Mohanty/Dr. S. Patro Environmental Monitoring of Gopalpur port during and after construction of all weather direct berthing port (Consultancy Project) Gopalpur Port 129.0 lakh