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About Department

The Department of Chemistry (Estd. 1972) offers two-year Master's degree course in Chemistry. Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) has been introduced from 2015 to keep the Student up-to-date with development of higher education in India and abroad. The Post-Graduate curricula is recently undergone major orientation congruent with the development and trends in the subject to help the students to seek a career in different thrust areas of the subject like Organic Synthesis, Inorganic Chemistry, Organometallics, Material Chemistry, Polymers, Industrial Chemistry, Chemistry and Society, Nano-Chemistry, Drug regulation, Analytical Chemistry, Spectroscopy and Environmental Chemistry etc. In order to gain competency in research 4th semester Student has to take up research project in different areas of Chemistry.

Further, Department of Chemistry offers M. Phil. and Ph.D. degree. The M. Phil (1-Year) course is suitably designed to equip the students with both theoretical and research knowledge. The Ph.D. programme offered broad areas of Chemistry such as Organic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Organometallic, Bio-inorganic Chemistry, Water Treatments, Catalysis and Nanoparticles.

The Department of Chemistry regularly organizes conference and workshops in the field of Chemical Sciences and its applications in various fields.

List of External Mentors

  1. Dr. S. Chandrasekhar, Secretary, DST-India.
  2. Prof. K. V. R Chary, Director, IISER, Berhampur.
  3. Prof. Surendra Mahapatro, Professor-Emeritus, Regis University, Colorado, USA
  4. Prof. Ashok Kumar Mishra, Dept. of Chemistry, IIT Chennai.
  5. Prof. Bhisma K Patel, IIT Guwahati


Master Degree (M.Sc.)

About Course Programme

M.Sc. (Chemistry): Semester programme (Designed in CBCS pattern)

Intake capacity: 50(each Semester)

The course has been designed in accordance with the recent guidelines from U.G.C. and approved by the board of studies, which contains advanced topics like Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Physical and Inorganic Chemistry, Organometallics, Bio-inorganic Chemistry, Supra Molecular, Asymmetric Synthesis, Spectroscopy, Analytical Chemistry, Group Theory, Quantum mechanics, Nano Chemistry, Industrial Chemistry, Drug Regulation, Chemistry and Society, Polymer Chemistry, Environmental Chemistry. The syllabus is updated with NET and GATE syllabus.

How to Enter into the Course Programme

The students are entered into the M.Sc. Chemistry course through career mark and written test i.e. Common P. G. Entrance Test (CPET) conducted by Higher Education Department through Student Academic Management System(SAMS).

Class Schedule

1st, 3rd Semester classes: July-December.

2nd, 4th Semester classes: January-June.


About Course Programme

The course is designed to train the students for higher studies and research in the branches of Organic, Inorganic and Physical Chemistry.

Intake capacity: 4

How to Enter into the Course Programme

The students are entered into the course on the basis of career mark, written test and interview i. e. University Research Entrance Test (URET) conducted by the University.

Class Schedule

January-June (Theory classes)

July-December (Dissertation work)


About Course Programme

The Ph.D. programme offered research in the areas of Organic Synthesis, Drug Discovery, Inorganic, Organometallic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Supramolecular Chemistry, Environmental Chemistry, Nano Chemistry etc.

How to Enter into the Course Programme

The candidates entered into the course through URET (written test) followed by personal interview. However candidates having valid NET, GATE, other National level examinations qualifications etc. are exempted for written test of UERT and directly appear for personal interview.

Course Schedule

The students have to complete their pre Ph.D. course work successfully in six months upon which they can register into the Ph. D. Programme.

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Dr. Satyanarayan Sahoo
Ph. D. IIT Madras
Email:[email protected]
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Dr. Satyanarayan Sahoo obtained his Ph. D. degree in Chemistry from Indian Institute of Technology Madras in the year 2010. After completion of his Ph. D. degree he was a Research Associate for a short period in the same institute. He has joined Berhampur University as a Lecturer in March 2011. His research interest includes Organometallic Chemistry & Organic Synthesis. Two Ph. D. and eleven M. Phil scholars have been awarded with their degree under his guidance. He has published more than twenty research articles in National and International Journals which include Angewandte Chemi International Edition, Inorganic Chemistry, Organometallics, Carbohydrate Research, etc. In the year 2012 he was awarded with Prof. R. C. Tripathy Young Chemist Award by Orissa Chemical Society. Currently he is a TARE (Teachers Associateship for Research Excellence) fellow at IISER Berhampur and group member in Centre of Excellence, Berhampur University.

Dr. Ganngam Phaomei
Assistant Professor
Ph. D. Ph.D. Central University Manipur
Email:[email protected]
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Dr. G. Phaomei received his M.Sc. degree from Jamia Millia Islamia and and Ph.D. from Manipur University with Dr. W.R. Singh. He has good expertise in Nanotechnology, Rare earth luminescence materials. He has worked jointly with Dr. R. S. Ningthoujam, Scientist E, BARC, Mumbai, and worked as Research Associate, with Prof. N. Rajmuhon Singh, Manipur University. He has published more than ten research papers and attended various National and International conferences.

Prof. (Dr.) Laxmidhar Rout
Asst. Professor(UGC)
Ph.D., IIT Guwahati, PDF: USA, Germany and France
Humboldt Fellow, FPGG Fellow
Email:[email protected]
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Dr. Rout, has very good credentials throughout his academic career. In 2003 he completed Master of Science (M. Sc) in Utkal University with synthetic organic chemistry as specialisation & was topper in university exam. The candidate has cleared national level GATE/NET for carrying out Ph.D. IIT Guwahati with Prof. Punniyamurthy. He have very good experience in drug synthesis and Asymmetric Synthesis after 7 year postdoctoral Experience from USA, Germany and France. He has been awarded prestigious Alexander von Humboldt Fellowship in Germany. He has been awarded FPGG and IC fellowship of France when working with Institute of Curie Cancer Centre, Paris for developing cancer drugs. Over the past 7 years, Dr. Rout is in the focus of research in to include the design and synthesis of small molecule anti-cancer drugs. All research is directed towards the discovery of new biologically active small molecules with novel modes of action. The group's aim is to make major contributions in synthetic organic chemistry, biotechnology and chemical biology by the discovery and development of new synthetic methodologies and technologies, their utilization for the synthesis of biological probes, and the employment of these probes in answering vital biological problems.

Dr Bibhuti Bhusan Parida
Assistant Professor
Ph. D: IICT Hyderabad
Postdoc: WSU (USA), Institute Curie (Paris)
Email:[email protected]
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Dr Bibhuti Bhusan Parida received his M. Sc. degree from Utkal University with advanced organic Chemistry as specialization. He qualified national level entrance examinations CSIR-JRFs, GATE and graduated Ph. D. (2010, synthetic organic chemistry) from Indian Institute of Chemical Technology-Hyderabad under the supervision of Dr. S. Chandrasekhar (Director, IICT). He has over seven years of post-PhD experiences-Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Wayne State University-(Michigan, USA), Institute Curie (Paris, France), and teaching at IIIT-Bhubaneswar prior to joining the University. He has worked in several collaborative interdisciplinary research area in USA, France, Sweden, England and India. He is a recipient of international postdoctoral fellowships from Wayne State University (USA), Institute Curie Fellowship (France), Prof. R. C. Tripathy memorial award of Orissa Chemical Society (OCS-2019). Dr. Parida has expertise in synthetic organic chemistry- total synthesis of bioactive natural products-target molecules, development of new synthetic methodologies, asymmetric synthesis, target oriented organic synthesis for drug discovery, drug designing-synthesis and small molecule probe application in Chemical biology. Small molecule synthesis and their application in biology, drug discovery and societal application is the central to all his research expertise. All research is oriented towards design and synthesis of small molecules anticancer drugs. In line, three major funded projects from SERB, UGC and S & T-Odisha are ongoing in his laboratory. His laboratory welcomes interested innovative candidates with necessary entry qualifications (GATE/NET/other fellowships/URET etc.) as per university rule to carry out research work in synthetic organic chemistry and its application.

Dr. Rabi Narayan Sahu
Micro Analyst
Ph.D., Berhampur University
Email:[email protected]
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Dr. Rabi Narayan Sahu holds a Ph.D. in Chemistry from Berhampur University. He has been working as a Micro Analyst since 2011.


Seminar Library and� Computer room:

The Department Seminar has a good stock of high quality text books and reference books for reading and borrowing (issuing) by the students, Staffs and Faculty members. There are Sufficient computers for use by students, Staff and faculty members.


There are centralized Instrument Rooms housing sophisticated instruments including UV-Visible Spectrophotometer, FT-IR spectrometer, Spectro-Fluorimeter, Microplate analyzer, Gouy's Balance etc. The research labs and P. G. Labs have Ultra low temperature refrigerator (-90 oC), laminar air flow, Rotary evaporator, Ice flake machine, Digital polarimeter, Ultra low temperature bath (-90 oC, for reaction), Sonicator, Centrifuge, etc. The physical and Analytical Laboratories have enough instruments like pH-meter, Conductance Bridge, potentiometer, spectrometer, polarimeter, etc. for use by the students.

Student Project Work

The students of the department visit to different industries, National labs, IITs, IISERs, CSIR laboratories, NISER and other Govt. and Semi-Govt. Organizations for their Project Dissertation work as a part of their M.Sc. course curriculum.


The cleanliness and hygiene are maintained in the department for oneself and one's surrounding clean in order to prevent infection, disease and to remain healthy to boost positive studious atmosphere.


More than 36-lavatories (including special type meant for Physically Disabled Students and staffs etc.) are there in the Department.


Keeping in view of Physically Disabled candidates, department has ramp facilities for wheel chair.


Broad Area of Research

  1. Synthesis and application of biosensors for detection of toxic metal ions and anions
  2. Green synthesis of nanoparticles for sensing applications
  3. Carbohydrate based bioconjugate synthesis and their applications
  4. Lanthanide ions doped nano-particles for various applications
  5. Synthetic Organic Chemistry
  6. Asymmetric Synthesis, Development of Reaction methodologies
  7. Total synthesis of Bioactive natural products and target oriented Synthesis
  8. Chemical Biology
  9. Drug discovery
  10. Medicinal Chemistry

Research Projects/Fellowships:

  • UGC Startup (2017-19) PI: Dr. L. Rout
  • SERB (2017-20) PI: Dr. L. Rout
  • SERB, India, (2018-21), PI: Dr. SN. Sahoo
  • S &T Department-Odisha (2018-21)PI: Dr. L. Rout
  • SERB (2019-21),PI: Dr. B. B. Parida
  • UGC Start Up (2019-21), PI: Dr B. B. Parida
  • S &T Department-Odisha (2019-22), PI: Dr B. B. Parida
  • OHEPEE, Govt. of Odisha, (2019-24). Group member: Dr. S. N. Sahoo and Dr. G. Phaomei.
  • CSIR (2021-24), PI: Dr. L. Rout


  • The joint 24th Regional conference of Orissa Chemical Society and National Seminar on "Environment Management in 21st Century-Challenges and& Opportunities" conducted by Saraswati Degree Vidya Mandir (SDVM), Neelakanthanagar, Berhampur in collaboration with Department of Chemistry, Berhampur University (28th Nov 2021)
  • National Webinar on "Recent Advances in Chemical Sciences" conducted by Department of Chemistry, March 24-25, 2021.
  • National Conference on Organic Synthesis (N-COS-2020; 02-03 March 2020.
  • International Conference on "Chemical and Biological Science in Drug Discovery-2019" (IC-CBSDD-2019); 08-10 March 2019.
  • International Conference on "Resent Trends of Chemical & Biological Sciences in Medicine, Natural Product and Drug Discovery" (IC-RTCBSMNPDD-2017), 03-05 March 2017.
  • International Conference on "Innovative Applications of Chemistry in Pharmacology & Technology". IC-IACPT-2015 February 06-08, 2015.
  • National seminar on "Water scarcity and Management" held on November 2014.
  • The Department has successfully organized three National Seminars in the years 2010, 2011 & 2012.


The Alumni Association of P.G. Department of Chemistry consists of the following members:

President: Dr. Arun Kumar Padhy, Associate Professor, Central University of Jharkhand

Vice-President: Dr. Pankaj Patra, Senior Scientist, BARC, Mumbai

Dr. Niva Nayak, Faculty in Chemistry, OEC, BBSR

Secretary: Dr. Rabinarayana Sahu, Micro-Analyst, Berhampur University

Asst Secretary: Dr Bhagaban Muni, Faculty in Chemistry, GIET, Berhampur

Treasurer: Sri Sushant kumar Sahu, Faculty in Chemistry, GEC, BBSR

Auditors: Dr. D.L. Singh, and Dr. Upendra Prasad Tripathy.


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Dr. Satyanarayan Sahoo
Email : [email protected]