Curriculum Development Cell

Curriculum Development Cell

The Curriculum Development Cell is functioning since the establishment of the University. The cell is headed by the Deputy Registrar Berhampur University with coordination from various disciplines such as Arts, Science, Commerce, Management, Pharmacy, Computer Science and Electronic Service..

Aims and Objectives

  • Develop the curriculum, syllabi and look for new sources required for the various courses run by the University. It needs to maintain and promote an ambiance of creativity, innovation and improving quality.
  • Promote faculty recharge programmes and skill development for students.
  • Implement Choice Based Credit System in the affiliated colleges of the University.
  • Develop programmes to improve general competencies and skills.
  • Introduce inter/multidisciplinary studies.
  • Preserve value based education.
  • Encourage women empowerment and related issues.
  • Prepare the students from rural and backward areas to meet the emerging social challenges and demands in the regional, national and international levels.

Future Plans

  • Implement different quality management strategies to propel the growth and development in various aspects of academic and administrative fields. The University is bound to provide value based education combined with social responsibilities to the student community.
  • University has a plan to accommodate the Cell in a separate building and to constitute an Advisory Committee to execute and review the activities of the Cell.

The Cell is envisaged as the source of thoughts which will mentor and monitor the methods of education offered.