Higher education is a powerful tool to build knowledge based society of the 21st Century. India possesses a highly developed higher education system which offers facility of education and training in almost all aspects of human creative and intellectual endeavours. The official statistical system plays a key role in any society, especially, in a large and diverse democracy. The basic principle of the system is that it must be completely independent and transparent. In view of the above, Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) initiated an All India Survey on Higher Education (AISHE) in the year 2010-11 with reference date of 30th September, 2010 to build a robust database and to assess the correct picture of Higher Education in the country. The survey covers all the Institutions in the country, engaged in imparting of higher education. Therefore, Berhampur University setup an All India Survey on Higher Education Cell in the year 2011. The cell is headed by the Nodal Officer, appointed by the Vice Chancellor of the University. Every year the data of the University is uploaded in the month of September.

Aims and Objectives

  • Identify and capture all the affiliated colleges under the jurisdiction of Berhampur University.
  • Collect of data on various parameters like institution's basic details, teacher's details, student enrolment, details of non teaching staff, examination results, education finance, infrastructure, scholarships, loans, accreditation, programme conducted under various faculties/centres, scholarship and financial information.
  • Help the Government of India to calculate Institution Density, Enrolment Ratio, Pupil-Teacher Ratio, Gender Parity Index, useful in many policy decisions and research for development of education sector

Details of Activities Undertaken during 2011-May 2015

Year Activities under taken Numbers of participants Outcomes of the activities
2010-11 Awareness programme of finance. 12 Transaction of financial matters.
2011-12 Awareness programme of P.G Council. 8 Detail discussion on enrolment of students.
2012-13 Awareness programme of Examinations Sections. 10 Results of the different Examinations.
2013-14 Awareness programme of the Establish Section. 12 The position of the teaching and non-teaching staff.
2014-15 Workshop on AISHE for Nodal officers 150 To make aware the Nodal officers of the different colleges for collecting and uploading the respective data in the website.

Grants Received During (2010-15) with the Name of the Funding Agency

Funding Agency MHRD, New Delhi; 2013-14, Rs.56,245.00.

Future Plans

  • Expand infrastructure facility of the cell.
  • Conduct of regular workshop and training for the Nodal officers of affiliated colleges.