R & D Cell


Academic related Research, Consultancy, Innovation and Incubation (RCII) at Berhampur University is headed by a Director, who is a Professor of the University. The Directorate is helped in its activity by an Associate Director from among the faculty members. It is housed in the CIC Building. All projects related to research, consultancy, innovation and incubation are finally vetted by the Directorate and forwarded to the funding or related agency through the Vice-Chancellor.

The major functions of the Directorate are:

  1. Dissemination of various funding sources to all concerned.
  2. Endorsing RCII proposals for onward transmission.
  3. Ensuring quality of proposals, no duplicity, plagiarism etc.
  4. Maintaining a list of all RCII projects submitted, funded and being executed with progress reports and completion reports.
  5. Keep an update with progress of the RCII projects and publications, thesis from the project work
  6. To facilitate in filing patents, facilitating incubations and innovations etc.
  7. To make ease of business/work by not insisting on any form, but rely only on plain paper application on any particular approval desired with accompanying/relevant documents attached.
  8. To take care of IPR and arbitration issues on behalf of the University.