List of Affiliated Colleges

District-Wise Provisional Affiliated Colleges Under Berhampur University

Sl. No. District Name of the College General /Professional
1 Gajapati S.K.C.G. Autonomous College, Paralakhemundi General
2 Gajapati Baba Saheb Ambedkar +3 Degree College, Khajuripada General
3 Gajapati Dr. B.R. Ambedkar National College, Ramagiri General
4 Gajapati Hill Top Degree College, Mohana General
5 Gajapati Indira Memorial Degree College, Chandiput General
6 Gajapati MeenaKetan Degree College, Gurandi General
7 Gajapati Parsuram Degree College, Sevakpur General
8 Gajapati Sri Ram Degree College, Kashinagar General
9 Gajapati Sri Venketeswar Degree College, Kasinagar General
10 Gajapati Women's Degree College, Parlakhemundi General
11 Gajapati Gajapati College of Nursing, Ranipentha, Paralakhemundi Professional
12 Ganjam Niranjan Govt. Women's College, Aska General
13 Ganjam Aaryan Gurukul Degree College Berhampur General
14 Ganjam Anchalika Degree College, Jagannath Prasad General
15 Ganjam Anchalika Mahavidyalaya, Khetri Berhampur General
16 Ganjam Anchalika Science College, Ballipadar General
17 Ganjam Amit College of Nursing, Randha, Berhampur Professional
18 Ganjam Aska Science College, Aska General
19 Ganjam Bellaguntha Science College, Bellaguntha General
20 Ganjam Binayak Acharya College, Berhampur General
21 Ganjam Biju Patnaik Science Degree College, Badagada General
22 Ganjam Biju Patnaik Women's College, Digapahandi General
23 Ganjam Bhanja College of Nursing, Bhanjanagar Professional
24 Ganjam Biswasray Science College, Pattapur General
25 Ganjam Chatrapur Women's Degree College, Chatrapur General
26 Ganjam City College, Berhampur General
27 Ganjam D.M. Science College, Gallery General
28 Ganjam Gangadhar Sahu Science Degree College, Hatiota General
29 Ganjam Govt. Science College, Chatrapur General
30 Ganjam Ganjam College, Ganjam General
31 Ganjam Gopalpur College, Gopalpur General
32 Ganjam Gayatri Degree College, Gopalpur Junction,Berhampu General
33 Ganjam Hayagriba Degree College, Berhampur General
34 Ganjam Kabisurya Baladev Vigyan Mahavidyalaya, K.S. Nagar General
35 Ganjam K.S.U.B. College, Bhanjanagar General
36 Ganjam Kalam Degree Science College, Govindapur General
37 Ganjam Karuna Shanti +3 Science Residential College, Golanthara General
38 Ganjam Keshaba Panda Degree Women's College, Surada, General
39 Ganjam Keshpur College, Keshpur General
40 Ganjam Khemundi College, Digapahandi General
41 Ganjam Khetra Mohan Science College, Narendrapur General
42 Ganjam L.N. Degree College, Kodala General
43 Ganjam Maha Mayee Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Berhampur General
44 Ganjam N.B.C. College, Kendupadar General
45 Ganjam Nuvapada Sri Balaji Mahavidyalaya, Nuvapada General
46 Ganjam National Institute of Science and Technology, Palur Hills, Golanthra General
47 Ganjam Nrusinghanatha Mahavidyalaya, Mahanadapur, General
48 Ganjam Pandit Neelakantha Utkal Academy Degree College, Chatrapur General
49 Ganjam People's College, Buguda General
50 Ganjam Polasara Science College, Polasara General
51 Ganjam Palliishree (Degree) Mahila Mahavidyalaya Bana Ramachandrapur, Polosara General
52 Ganjam R.C.M. Science College, Khallikote General
53 Ganjam Ram Narayan College, Dura General
54 Ganjam Ramajee Mahavidyalaya, Bhismagiri General
55 Ganjam Rushikulya Degree College, Sorada General
56 Ganjam Saheed Bhagat Singh College, Khandadeuli General
57 Ganjam S.B.R. Govt. Women's College, Berhampur General
58 Ganjam Samrat College, Ambapur, Berhampur Professional
59 Ganjam Samrat Degree College, Berhampur General
60 Ganjam Saraswati Degree Vidya Mandir, Neelakantha Nagar, Berhampur.Ganjam General
61 Ganjam Savitri Womens College, Bhanjanagar General
62 Ganjam Science College, Konkarada General
63 Ganjam Science Degree College, Kukudakhandi General
64 Ganjam Sevananda Saraswati Mahavidyalaya, Bamakoi General
65 Ganjam Sri Beleswar Mahavidyalaya, Gandala General
66 Ganjam Sri Jagannath Mahavidyalaya, Rambha General
67 Ganjam T.S.D.College,B.D.Pur,Dist. Ganjam General
68 Ganjam Tara Tarini College, Purushottampur General
69 Ganjam Udaya Pratap Science College, Sheragada General
70 Ganjam Vedavyasa Residential Degree College, Berhampur General
71 Ganjam Vignan Degree College, Mantridi General
72 Ganjam Yashoda Women's Degree College, Ganjam General
73 Ganjam Chikiti Mahavidyalaya, Chikiti General-cum- Professional
74 Ganjam Gayatri Institute of Science and Technology, Gaunju, Berhampur General-cum-Professional
75 Ganjam Science Autonomous College, Hinjilicut General-cum-Professional
76 Ganjam S.B.P. Mahavidyalaya, Samantiapalli General-cum-Professional
77 Ganjam Lingaraj Law College, Berhampur Professional
78 Ganjam Biju Patnaik Homeopathic Medical College, Berhampur Professional
79 Ganjam Dibakar Patnaik Institute of Advance Studies Education and Technology, Kanisi Professional
80 Ganjam K. A. T. S. Ayurveda College, Ankushpur Professional
81 Ganjam K. S. U. B College of Teacher Education, Bhanjanagar Professional
82 Ganjam M. K. C. G. Medical College, Berhampur Professional
83 Ganjam College of Nursing , Berhampur Professional
84 Ganjam D. P. Mishra Institute for Advance Studies in Special Education and Technology, Kodala Professional
85 Ganjam Academy of Technocrats, Berhampur Professional
86 Ganjam Advance Institute of Management Studies, Berhampur Professional
87 Ganjam Bhanja College of Computer & Management, Bhanjanagar Professional
88 Ganjam College of Advance Computing, BAM Professional
89 Ganjam College of Business Administration, Berhampur Professional
90 Ganjam College of Pharmaceutical Science, Mohuda, Berhampur Professional
91 Ganjam Disha College of Management, Berhampur Professional
92 Ganjam Gayatri Institute of Computer and Management, Hinjilicut Professional
93 Ganjam Imperial College, Berhampur Professional
94 Ganjam Kalam Institute of Management, Govindapur Ganjam Professional
95 Ganjam R. M. I. T, Berhampur Professional
96 Ganjam Roland Institute of Computer & Management Studies, Berhampur Professional
97 Ganjam Kasturaba College of Nursing, SMIT Campus, Chandipadar Professional
98 Ganjam S. M. I. T, Ankushpur Professional
99 Ganjam Aum Sai College of Nursing, Hill Patna, Station Road, Berhampur Professional
100 Ganjam Venkateswar Institution of Planning & Management, (V. I. P. M.) Brahma Nagar, BAM Professional
101 Kandhamal Govt. Science Autonomous College, Phulbani General / Professional
102 Kandhamal S. M. Govt. Womens College, Phulbani General
103 Kandhamal A. M. C. S, College, Tikabali, Dist. Kandhamal General
104 Kandhamal Adibasi College, Balliguda, Dist. Kandhamal General
105 Kandhamal Jeevan Jyoti Mahavidyalaya, Raikia, Kandhamal General
106 Kandhamal K. B. HIST, Degree College, Gudari General
107 Kandhamal K.I.G.M. College, Linepada General
108 Kandhamal Kalinga Mahavidyalaya, G. Udayagiri, Kandhamal General
109 Kandhamal Kandhamala Degree Mahavidyalaya, Sarangagada General
110 Kandhamal N. S. B. College, Tumudibandha General
111 Kandhamal Panchayat College, Phiringia General
112 Kandhamal Rushimala Mahavidyalaya, Bamunigaon, Kandhamal General
113 Kandhamal Sai Smruti College, Daringbadi General
114 Kandhamal Santha Ashramji Bapu Degree College, Kotgarh General
115 Kandhamal Sudha Kiran Degree College, Raikia, General
116 Kandhamal Government B. Ed. Training College, Kalinga Professional
117 Kandhamal Government Teacher's Training College, Phulbani Professional
118 Kandhamal Ayan Institute of Management and Technology, Phulbani Professional
119 Kandhamal Phulbani Academy of Management and Technology, Phulbani Professional
120 Kandhamal Pramila Devi Residential Women's College of Science and Technology, Daringbadi Professional
121 Kandhamal K.C. Degree College, Daringbadi General
122 Koraput Govt. College, Koraput General
123 Koraput Govt. Women's College, Jeypore General
124 Koraput Aeronautics College, Sunabeda General
125 Koraput Bhairab Degree Mahavidyalaya, Boriguma General
126 Koraput Biju Patnaik College, Kundra General
127 Koraput Gangeswari Mahavidyalaya, Patangi General
128 Koraput Jagat Janani +3 Science College, Jeypore General
129 Koraput Kishore Chandra Degree College, Tarabhata, Po- Kumuli, Via- Bsinghpur General
130 Koraput Kotpad College, Kotpad General
131 Koraput Lamptaput Degree College, Lamataput General
132 Koraput Laxmipur College, Laxmipur General
133 Koraput Radha Krushna Adivasi Degree College, Dasmantpur General
134 Koraput Royal Degree College, Jeypore General
135 Koraput Saheed Laxman Nayak Degree Mahavidyala, Baipariguda General
136 Koraput Similiguda College, Similiguda General
137 Koraput Sindhe Devi Mahavidyalaya, Nandapur General
138 Koraput Sunabeda Womens College, Sunabeda General
139 Koraput Vigyan International Degree College, Pujariput, Koraput General
140 Koraput Vikram Deb Government Autonomous College, Jeypore General-cum-Professional
141 Koraput D.A.V. College of Teacher Education, Koraput Professional
142 Koraput Saheed Laxman Nayak Medical College, Koraput Professional
143 Koraput Hi-Tech Institute of Information & Technology, Jeypore Professional
144 Koraput Koraput College of Nursing, Koraput Professional
145 Koraput Koraput B.Sc. Nursing College, Janiguda, Koraput Professional
146 Malkangiri Model Degree College, Malkangiri General
147 Malkangiri Balimela College of Science and Technology, Ballimela General
148 Malkangiri Biju Patnaik Degree College of Education, Govindapalli General
149 Malkangiri Darwin Memorial Degree College, Kudumuluguma General
150 Malkangiri Dr. Shyama Prasad Degree College, Lachipeta General
151 Malkangiri Gopabandhu Anchalika Degree Mahavidyalaya, Kalimela General
152 Malkangiri Ghadai Residential Degree College, Malkangiri General
153 Malkangiri Malkangiri College, Malkangiri General
154 Malkangiri Satyanarayana Degree College, Malkangiri Gen
155 Malkangiri Utkalmani Gopabandhu Mahavidyalaya, Mathili General
156 Nawarangpur Model Degree College, Nawarangpur General
157 Nawarangpur Bhairab College, Dabugaon, Nawarangpur General
158 Nawarangpur G.K. Degree College, Umerkote General
159 Nawarangpur Nawarangpur College, Nawarangpur General
160 Nawarangpur Nawarangpur Women's College, Nawarangpur General
161 Nawarangpur Odisha Pachua Anchala Deg. College, Papadhandi General
162 Nawarangpur Panabeda Mahavidyalaya, Chandahandi General
163 Nawarangpur Pendrani Mahavidyalaya, Umerkote General
164 Nawarangpur Smart Gurukul Degree College, Nawarangapur General
165 Nawarangpur B. B. Chhatoi, College of Nursing Professional
166 Rayagada Model Degree College, Rayagada General
167 Rayagada Rayagada Autonomous College, Rayagada General
168 Rayagada Devagiri Degree College, Kalyansinghpur General
169 Rayagada Gunupur College, Gunupur General
170 Rayagada Maa Markama College, Bissam Cuttack General
171 Rayagada Maharshi +3 Science Residential College, Gunupur General
172 Rayagada Maa Majhighariani Institute of Nursing, Nandika Bhawan, Rayagada Professional
173 Rayagada Muniguda College, Muniguda General
174 Rayagada R.G. College, Padmapur General
175 Rayagada Women's College, Rayagada General
176 Rayagada Regional Degree College, Dombasara General
177 Rayagada Science College, Gudari General
178 Rayagada Thayaramma Women's College, Gunupur General
179 Rayagada MITS Institution of Professional Studies, M.I.P.S Rayagada Professional
180 Rayagada K.I.M.T Rayagada Professional
181 Rayagada Rayagada Institute of Professional Studies (RIPS) Professional
182 Rayagada Gayatri Institute of Computer and Management Studies, Gunupur Professional
183 Rayagada GIBS, Gunupur Professional
184 Rayagada College of Nursing, Christian Hospital, Bissamcuttack Professional