Vision and Mission


The University seeks to take long strides in harnessing the outcome of teaching and research in various fields by way of ensuring inclusive growth and thereby to prove itself to be a centre of excellence in the domain of higher education. It further envisions taking up the social responsibility towards the total uplift of the weaker section of people of the region by providing quality education in consonance with the motto of the university, i.e. "Tamaso ma Jyotirgamaya" which means "from darkness to light may I go" / "from ignorance to wisdom may I move".


  • Promote inclusive growth in order to cater to the educational needs of the underprivileged people of Southern Odisha, while striving for excellence in scholarship at par with National and International standards.
  • Achieve innovation in teaching, learning and research to realize goals of higher education.
  • Empower students with relevant knowledge, competence and creativity to face future challenges.
  • Create modern teaching ambience for quality academics by providing necessary infrastructure and support to teachers, students and employees.
  • Generate awareness of human rights, value systems, culture, heritage, scientific temper and environment.
  • Preserve intangible cultural heritage of the region through documentation
  • Inculcate amongst students an academic rigor which will inspire them to realize their full potential and contribute to the development of the society as a whole.

To fulfil this mission, the broad objectives of the University are:

  • Upgrade the number, structure and delivery mechanisms of its curricular programmes, with a view to increasing their social relevance, access and equity.
  • Achieve convergence of open and conventional learning systems, so that economically disadvantaged students can be included in the mainstream of education.
  • Support basic as well as utility-oriented research both within and across disciplines, thereby achieving a proper balance between basic and applied knowledge.
  • Develop curricular and research programmes that would effectively combine the promotion of sustainable human development with quality learning at par with international standards.
  • Develop job-oriented self-financing courses, so that the initial expenditure incurred in meeting the above objectives can be supported by the University itself.
  • Berhampur University has been instrumental in serving the disadvantaged tribal as well as non-tribal communities of Southern Odisha and in building a knowledge society in which knowledge does not remain a prerogative of the dominant few. It further aims at inclusive and equitable growth of the society, thus, effecting transition from an information poor to information rich; knowledge poor to knowledge rich and economically poor to a resourceful and skilful society.