Research Facilities

Research Facilities

Centre of Applied Photonics: P.G department of Physics, Berhampur University, India, 760007

  • Colloidal Quantum Dot solar cell(CQDSC)

Designing more efficient and low cost devices to harness energy from sunlight has been a subject of social importance since long. We in this centre, are attempting to synthesize quantum dots through a chemical route for developing colloidal QDSC. The aim here is to improve the efficiency of QDSC without increasing its cost.

  • Glucose Detection using low cost Digital Holography Microscope

We have created Digital Holography Microscope with the support of, Photonics division, BARC, Vishakhapatnam. The setup is used to investigate glucose level in blood serum using the phase mapping analysis of RBC.

  • Low cost sensor for healthcare, environment and food security

Centre of excellence in nanoscience and technology for development of sensor has been set-up with the financial assistance of OHEPEE, Govt. of Odisha. Aim of the center is to develop low cost sensor devices for healthcare, environment and food security.

Centre of Applied Photonics: P.G department of Physics

  • Nano material synthesis Lab
  • Thin coating lab
  • Dip coating spin
  • coating
  • vacuum coating
  • Furnace
  • Solar simulator
  • Impedance Analyzer
  • Optical fiber sensor characterization set up.

Centre of Excellence (CoE) B.U

  • UV Visible Spectrophotometer
  • F.L
  • Digital Holography Microscope.
  • Lamina flow
  • Low temperature Unit.(-20˚C, -86˚C)

Central Instrumentation Centre

  • XRD
  • SEM
  • V.N.A
  • Particle size analyser