Canadian Studies Centre

Canadian Studies centre

The Centre for Canadian Studies, Berhampur University was established in 1993 under the Canadian Studies Development Programme of the Department of External Affairs, Government
of Canada through Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute (SICI), New Delhi. Since its inception, the Centre has been ceaselessly promoting research in the areas of literature, politics, economics, law,
commerce, management studies, etc. pertaining to the mutual areas of concerns. This is sufficiently illustrated in terms of number of seminars, workshops, conferences and lecture programmes
organized under the auspices of the centre over the years. Some scholars pursuing their M. Phil course and Ph. D programme in the departments of English, History, and Political Science, etc.
have taken topics pertaining to Canada. In the last twenty two years six faculty members of the University visited different Canadian Universities like University of Regina (Saskatchewan),
University of Winnipeg (Manitoba), University of Ottawa under various academic programmes sponsored by SICI, New Delhi. The Library of the Centre has a collection of around 500 books and has around 140 journals in different disciplines. Till date, eight National Seminars, three State level conferences and one State level workshop have been organized by the Centre. Some of the seminar proceedings have also been published. A special lecture programme was arranged by the centre where Professor Gary Vanloon of Queen's University spoke on Global Water Challenges. The Canadian Centre of the University has been actively engaged in conducting various academic programmes sponsored by the SICI from time to time. By organizing seminars, conferences, and lecturer programmes the Centre not only popularizes the Canadian Studies but also helps in motivating the students, scholars and teachers to pursue research work in the area. The library facilities of the centre are being extended to the scholars and teachers working in different fields of research.

Details of Activities Undertaken during June 2010-May 2015

Year Activities undertaken Date and Number of participants Outcome of the activities
2010-11 National Seminar on Democracy, Nature and Ideology: The Indo-Canadian Perspectives 9th-10thMarch, 2010 50 numbers
2011-12 National Seminar on Diplomacy, Defense and Development Canadian & Indian perspective 18th&19thFebruary, 2012 56 numbers Inter disciplinary Research work is encouraged.
2012-13 A lecture on Indo Canadian Relations: A Historical Perspective 24thJuly, 2013 52 numbers
2013-14 National Seminar on Indigenous People and Their Rights: Issues and Challenges 10th&11thJan, 2014 120 numbers
2014-15 National Seminar on Internal Security : An Indo-Canadian Perspective 12th&13thMar, 2014 105 numbers Active participation of Students & Teachers was observed.

Grants Received during (2010-15)/ from the funding agency

Year (Amount) Grants in Rupees Agencies
2010 Rs. 43,950/- SICI
2011 Nil
2012 Rs. 1,38,000/- SICI
2013 Nil
2014 Rs. 1,00,00/- ICSSR
2015 NA

Future Plans

  • Enhance the areas of research and co-operation.
  • Seek the co-operation of SICI in the field of finance so as to conduct more num