SC And ST Cell

SC and ST Cell

  • The SC/ST cell has been established with a view to strengthening the administrative machinery for planning, evaluation and monitoring of the policies of the Government of India in the field of higher education as well as the programmes of the University Grants Commission with the objective to improve the living conditions of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes candidates.
  • The cell takes care of the guidelines issued by the University Grants Commission from time to time, based on the policies of the Government of India and Government of Odisha with regard to the following:
  1. Reservation of seats for SC/STs in respect of admission in Colleges,
  2. Accommodation in the hostels
  3. Appointments to the teaching and non-teaching posts.
  • This cell also takes care of the fellowships and other incentives to the SC/STs students.
  • The cell also conducts remedial coaching and adopts other measures with a view to ensuring that the education system succeeds in bringing the SC/STs to a level quantitatively at par with the rest of the society.